Rare Category-Defining Domain Name for Video Equipment Industry Goes on Market

PRESS RELEASE Rare Category-Defining Domain Name for Video Equipment Industry Goes on Market

DECEMBER 6, 2016 (Lafayette, Indiana).  After over twenty years of continuous use in the global video equipment marketplace by video equipment professionals, the category-defining domain name was put on the market for sale today.  Record-breaking online sales days from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, and continuing into December, show significant growth of online shopping this year again, making category-encompassing keyword domains all the more valuable, as consumers and professionals alike turn to online resources to research and fulfill actual purchases.

“It is extremely rare to find a dot com keyword domain name that defines a broad category and has been in active use continually in its niche, come back on the market,” said the domain’s exclusive broker, Tasha Kidd, of   “The longevity pedigree in the industry, with converging forces in the growth of video equipment demands in the marketplace while online spending continues to expand, create a perfect storm of market forces, and a compelling case for a new domain owner to gain the upper hand in a competitive marketplace.” domain name newly on the market Industry-Level Domain Name for the video equipment industry is Newly For Sale

Now that digital video quality rivals that of classic film production, professionals creating cinema-grade Hollywood movie productions are showing a preference for high-end digital video cameras, tangential video production equipment and robust digital editing suites because of the quality and versatility of the video format.  Other significant growth factors in the video equipment marketplace include the use of increasingly sophisticated video cameras and video editing equipment by industrial professionals and online videographers in corporate-industrial applications; the obvious ubiquitous use of video equipment by consumers for production and post-production creativity; expanding online content creation;  media streaming of video programming; exploding demand for video storage equipment, with compression and streaming equipment; growing demand for live satellite uplinks and downlinks for live in-field broadcasts; use of ultra-high definition video cameras in drones;  surging use of video equipment for video surveillance applications at home, and in industry and government for security applications; video equipment applications in medical diagnostics; and so much more.  “Convergent market factors and timing are key to success. This category-killer domain name could not have come on the market at a better time for the company that wants to dominate the category, as diverse as it is, and with the surge in so many applications,” according to Ms. Kidd.

The seller has used the domain name as their active corporate site for video equipment sales, video equipment rental, video equipment repair and video equipment services to customers across the globe, including for video production and video post-production applications, such as field production and video editing.  The longevity of use of the keyword domain will provide key ranking advantages to the new owner, should they want to be more aggressive with their site build-out and search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking strategies.  It is conceivable that a new owner could build out the root domain of for a corporate site, powerful in its own right.  To provide additional value, they could further leverage the keyword domain by taking advantage of subdomains for niche market applications, such as ads dot domain (for a buying and selling platform for new and used equipment and services that would be user driven), and repair dot domain for a repair site, rental dot domain for renting equipment across geographic markets, and medical dot domain for health focused applications of video equipment in the diagnostic markets, to name a few of the many possibilities.

“The advantage of the generic nature of the domain name is clear.  Over the last several decades we have seen brands and technologies in the video equipment industry come and go, and we use different terms to describe the latest.  As technologies surge and wane, (as we have seen from Beta and VHS through video disc, DVD, LED, high-definition video, ultra-high definition, 4K, 8K and 3D, OLED, and so on), the domain transcends all of those fluctuations in the market, and stands above it while fully encompassing the entire industry,” explained Tasha Kidd.  “All applications and niches of video equipment and accessories are represented in this domain, and will continue to do so well into the future.”

Instead of eliminating video equipment needs, as some predicted, the advent and growth of the internet is actually driving a growth in the need for video storage equipment, video camera equipment for creative content creation, video editing equipment as consumers become more sophisticated in their productions, and more.  And as security concerns continue to rise across businesses and residences, the surge in video surveillance equipment has become another growing blockbuster niche within the video equipment industry.

Keyword domain names have been shown to provide valuable leverage in the marketplace, in customer perceptions that the owner is the category leader, in harnessing the natural way that people think and search funneling that traffic toward a brand, and in gaining ranking advantage with the keywords in the exact match domain, which is an important ranking factor in search engines such as Google. is a broad spectrum keyword domain name loaded with obvious potential in multiple sub-markets within the broader video equipment market.


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